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Manga X-Men: Betrayals (2020)

Synopsis X-Men: Betrayals (2020)

Collects Uncanny X-Men #304, 350, X-Factor (1983) #24, X-Men (1990) #207. The X-Men have persevered because they're a family first. But they are no stranger to shocking betrayals from within their ranks. From the shocking choice of Colossus joining Magneto over the X-Men, to the revelation that Gambit aided Mr. SInister during the Mutant Massacre, the X-Men have been rocked by those they considered family. Plus, witness the return of Warren Worthington as the Apocalyse Horseman known as Archangel and Bishop trying to prevent his horrible future timeline by killing anyone in his way, even if they are his own X-Men teammates!
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