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Manga Ronin Island (2019-)

Synopsis Ronin Island (2019-)

After a mysterious attack wipes out the major cities of 19th century Japan, Korea, and China, survivors from all three lands find refuge on a hidden island and build a new society. Hana, the orphaned daughter of Korean peasants, and Kenichi, son of a great samurai leader, have little in common except for a mutual disdain for the other. But these young warriors will have to work together when an army invades the island with shocking news: there is a new Shogun and the Island is expected to pay fealty in exchange for protection from a new enemy...a mutated horde that threatens to wipe out all humanity. Award-winning writer Greg Pak (Firefly, Mech Cadet Yu) and artist Giannis Milonogiannis (Prophet) present a story that examines how we move forward when our past divides, set against the backdrop of a post-disaster 19th century Japan.
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