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Manga Mages (2019-)

Synopsis Mages (2019-)

In the Lands of Arran, following the Lahโ€™saa-Slovtan affair, the Magi must now obey a new law: be listed and serve a human lord! If he refuses, the mage is hunted down by the Order of Shadows, imprisoned or, as the case may be, executed! Tyrom, an old hermit, is very fond of Shannon, a mischievous kid from Castlelek. This independent city is coveted by King Gerald who intends to annex it to his kingdom. So when Tyrom sees a mercenary threatening Shannon, he steps in. The next moment, the smoldering remains of the mercenary lay at his feet. He doesnโ€™t understand what just happened. Is he a mage? And if so, why did he lose his memory?
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